Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Muse & Me

Have you ever wondered where an author got the idea for a story? I do, but then I'm curious. Thought I'd share some insight into my interaction with my muse. My muse isn't a hunk like Sommer's, but she'll do. Picture her as a cross between Tinkerbell and a fruit fly (she's as annoying as one).

Muse: That's interesting.

Cassie: What?

Muse: Huck's Calendar Girl thread.

Cassie: Yep.

Muse: Is that all you've got to say?

Cassie: Oh, I'm going to write something.

Muse: I'll believe it when I see it.

A few days later.....

Muse: Well, well, it took Mat to get the ball rolling, but at least you've written something.

Cassie: Bite me!

Muse: Sure. Hey, that's not right.

Cassie: What?

Muse: Well, January and March? What about February?

Cassie: Don't look at me. It's 3:30 in the morning and I need a shower and coffee. *takes off for bathroom* Don't follow me.

Muse: Why?

Cassie: I don't have any proof but I know you flushed the potty while I was in the shower.

Muse: *smiles* Well, while you're in there think about a February story. Take a leap of faith.

Since I'm sure no one wants to hear details about the shower, the lather, suds, slippery fingers, hardened nipples, I'll skip that part.

Muse: Where are you going? You're dripping wet!

Cassie: I've got an idea for a story.

Muse: *rubs hands together*

Cassie: There all done. It's called Leap of Faith. What do you think?

Muse: *arches an eyebrow, then the second eyebrow* You got an idea?

Cassie: I'll send it off to Mr. M. and post it when I hear back.

Hours later, at the Tank.....

Muse: Hmmmmm.

Cassie: Now what?

Muse: Did you actually read Huck's guidelines?

Cassie: *frowns & reads* Oh. Apparently not.

Monday morning at 3:30 a.m. looking at Caldendar Girl thread in Tank.....

Muse: I've been thinking.

Cassie: NO.

Muse: Hear me out.

Cassie: I'm sleepy, I need a shower. Coffee.

Muse: All I'm saying is write a story closer to the guidelines. How about June?

Cassie: No. It's deadline day. I need to remain focused.

Muse: *waves hand* She's wearing nothing but a wedding veil and a smile.

Cassie: I hate you.

Muse: No, you don't. Now go shower. Think.

Again, no shower details included. Use your dirty mind.

Cassie: Out of my way. I've got an idea.

Muse: Muahhhhhh

Cassie: *stops dead* Laugh like that again and I'm getting the fly swatter.

Muse: *holds hands up* Fix your coffee first and write, Cassie, write.

Sometime later...

Cassie: *smiles* I'm pleased.

Tuesday looking at Calendar Girl thread in the Tank....

Muse: Hmmmmm.

Cassie: That's enough. I'm not high-jacking the thread.

Muse: No. Juggleboy and Mat have posted stories.

Cassie: *frowns* Then what?

Muse: Why not write something different? A replacement story for February. I've got an idea where to sell Faith.

Cassie: Oh?

Muse: It's a triology idea.

Cassie: *smacks her head* Later, tell me later. What's this about a replacement story?

Muse: I'm thinking snow bunnies in a ski chalet. Two hot babes who enjoy each other.

Cassie: But I've never.

Muse: First time for everything.

Cassie: Hmmmm. Snow bunnies. *smiles* Let me sleep on this.

As you know, Snow Bunnies in February was written and posted. Hope you enjoyed reading this interation between me and my muse-- it was such fun to write.

Muse: It was my idea.

Cassie: Shhhhh. It's my byline. Just smile for the folks.