Saturday, January 5, 2008

Dark Eden Press

Tree of Buried Secrets now available at Dark Eden Press

Julia races to their rendezvous site as if the devil is nipping at her heels. Tonight she and Alex are going to elope. Her heart soars when she spots Alex waiting for her by the apple tree.

Instead of fleeing, Alex wants to make love to her one more time at the same spot where they met, fell in love, and surrendered to their desires.

The white blossoms serve as their bed, and the tree as a witness. A thunderous crack shatters the night, spawning years of torment, generations of secrets. Julia never told anyone what happened that night, but today might be the day she confesses.

From the book......

Alex whispered, "Stand up."

I did as he requested. Alex unbuttoned my skirt, pulled down the zipper, gave it a tug and let go. It puddled at my feet. I stepped out of the skirt and he tossed it on top of my other garments. I trembled and kicked off my shoes.

With his hands on my waist, he pulled me close to him, kissing my middle. His mouth moved down the flat of my stomach. His breath almost seared my skin going through the garter belt and panties I wore.

He kissed the bare skin between the garters and carefully unhooked each fastener on my nylons. When he was done, he rolled down the stockings, kissing my bared legs as he went, before tugging them off of my feet.

His hands massaged both of my legs from the ankles up to my hips. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of my panties, he pulled down, taking the garter belt with them. I stood naked before him.

His thick calloused fingers parted my silky passage and his tongue entered. His thumb rubbed my love-button and I opened my legs wide, silently begging him to enter deep while his tongue made love to me.

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Hi Cassie, thanks for dropping by my blog. I love your cover art, its really eye catching. I think I sent you a friend request the other day :)
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