Friday, January 11, 2008

Thunder storms & thoughts of murder?

It's been a long night or is it a short night?? Hmmmm anyway, at midnight I was awakened to the pitter patter of rain. awwww relaxing. At two o'clock I was awakened by the pounding of rain, blowing of wind, flashing of lightening, and rumbling of thunder.

Snuggling under my covers with all intents of returning to dreamland, I was soon to be annoyed by the snoring of my hubby. Thoughts of smothering him with a pillow danced through my head.

But we all know it's just plain tacky to smother anyone before having a cup of coffee. After all I was raised right.

So I got up and put on the coffee and got a shower. Cleaniness is good.

Then I curled up on the sofa, sipped my brew, and watched Poker After Dark. I so enjoy educational TV. It's good for a person to learn as much as possible.

Bottoms up!

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