Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day -- free story

Whipped Cream Surprise -- first appeared at Ruthie's Club (which means you must be 18 or older to read the story)

By Cassie Exline

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Sally has big plans for the evening. Eric has been working over sixty hours a week for months with no time for romance. He’s scheduled to get off early tonight for a sizzling fuckfest. She’s been in bed waiting for an hour. Eric is late.

When Sally hears the front door open, she smiles and throws off the blankets from her naked body. The cool air hardens her nipples. She plumps them more by rubbing them between her thumb and forefinger. “Baby, I need some help.” She places a red velvet ribbon around her blond hair.

Instead of his footsteps racing up the stairs, she hears him rummaging in the kitchen. What a time to get a snack. “I’m upstairs!”

Sally grabs the can of whipped cream and opens her legs wide. She sprays the white fluff over her freshly shaved mound and fills her slit. Eric has always wanted her to shave her pussy bald. Maybe tonight.

She squirts a circle around her bellybutton and each of her nipples. She dips a fingertip inside her cunt, wiggles it, and then sucks it clean. It feels so good, she dives in again. “Honey, you better hurry or I’m not waiting.” She giggles and smacks her lips. “Finger-licking good.”

Finally, she hears footsteps on the steps. On impulse, she turns so all Eric will see when he enters the room is her cream-filled cunt.

When the steps stop by the doorway, Sally opens her legs wide and, to make it appear as if her cunt is talking, she wiggles her pussy lips, and sings out, “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” says a familiar voice.

Sally sits up and gasps. “Mom!”

“My dear, I didn’t know you were a ventriloquist.”

The End

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentime stories at Ruthie's Club

This week I have two Valentine stories featured at Ruthie's ClubCandy Hearts and Chocolate Kisses.

While at Ruthie's, check out these great author also in the sweetheart issue: Mat Twassel's Home Improvements, Sommer Marsden's A Smear of Red, Isabel Kerr's My Funny Valentine, Elazarus Wills' Storm Shelter, Please Cain's Last Dance, and my former writing partner, J. Troy Seate's Valentine Arabesques and Adagios.

Must be 18 or older. Go -- read!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Published Authors

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Covey Author

I'm now a Covey Author linking you to The New Covey Awards

The New Covey Awards

The is for the monthly Covey Awards — a book cover and book trailer awards site. Check out the covers and vote once for each catagory before you leave.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Four Star Review

Review: Tree of Buried Secrets by reviewer: Sheryl

Sensuality Rating: Sultry
Star Rating: 4 Stars

An exhilarating but at the same time heart wrenching story of betrayal and death; Tree of Buried Secrets by Cassie Exline is a thoroughly enjoyable story about family secrets coming out years later. ... I found myself enthralled in what I did read of how powerful love and secrets can change lives. ... A wonderfully sweet and tender love story that doesn’t end the way you would expect.

To read the entire review go to: