Thursday, April 22, 2010

Phobias -- what's yours

What's your phobia or phobias? Come on, share with me. I'll go first, I have a couple phobias. First is mice. I know those furry little beasties can't hurt me, but do they have to scurry all over my kitchen?? (((shudders))) Don't mind heights or small places (I like to snuggle) Snakes are disgusting, spiders are okay, but good heavens the phobia that will give me nightmares and I've used it in several of my books -- CLOWNS!! Wouldn't that give you a nightmare? eeeeeek


Marc Nobbs said...

I don't mind Mice, they can be cute, but I don't like Rats, which aren't. I'm married, so I'm not allowed to be scared of spiders - I'm the spider-removal-man at home.

AS for Clowns.... How can you be scared of clowns? They're funny. Most of the time, unless they have really big teeth like that one.

No, I can't really think of any Phobias. Guess that makes me kinda boring really.

Tidbit - the word verification I'm been given is "Hydrobri" which is made up but kinda like Hydrophobia. But I'm not scared of water either. Sorry.

Cassie Exline said...

No phobias? Lucky guy. Don't know how the clown fear started but OMG is it strong. A couple weeks ago Ghost Whisperer was about Melinda's fear of clowns. The clown appeared and I backed up and grabbed my blanket. lol

My verification word is sundiali

Cora Zane said...

Wasps are my #1 omg eeeeek phobia ever. My phobia of wasps is so bad, I've passed it on to both my kids. A wasp gets in the house and they now do the freak out with me.

Clowns are pretty darn high on my phobia list. Especially after watching Poltergeist with that clown doll attacking the boy in the night. That has to be one of the most terrifying scenes in a movie ever. *_*