Sunday, January 23, 2011

Please welcome Rachel Haimowitz

Please welcome my third guest of the All Romantic Suspense Blog Tour. She hates tailgaters and loves to write.

Rachel, with the countless number of interview questions out there, let’s try something different. Tell us about yourself. How about something that hasn’t been previously stated? Maybe a phobia or pet peeve.

I hate tailgaters. I was an EMT for many years, and I cleaned up after far too many car accidents. Stupid aggression aside, I just don’t see the point of crawling so far up someone’s trunk that if they have to break suddenly for any reason, you’re going to hit them. I can only assume people who do that are compensating for other . . . shortcomings.

What genre do you write and what genre would you love to try?

I write in several genres, though most share a unifying thread of being M/M erotic romance. My first published novel, Counterpoint: Book I of Song of the Fallen, was fantasy M/M erom. My second, Anchored: Belonging Book One, was alternate-universe contemporary M/M erom (it features modern-day slavery). I recently co-wrote a story with Aleksandr Voiniv called Break and Enter, which is cyberpunk M/M erom. And I have a collection out called Sublime: Collected Shorts that is contemporary BDSM. So, kind of all over the map. Outside the romance genre, I’ve written a psychological thriller called White Lies, which is currently making the rounds with agents; and I have a pretty expansive idea in my head for another alternate world story with a huge cast of characters on an “other earth.”

Any works in progress?

Always. I’m currently working on Crescendo: Book II of Song of the Fallen (the sequel to Counterpoint), which is a little intimidating because I signed the contract for that before the book was even started. Looming deadlines are not my friend, but on the other hand, it’s quite the warm fuzzy feeling to know that the instant the book is done, it will have a home. I’m also in the outlining stages on a few other projects, including two stories in the Belonging world (one with Daniel, the main character from Anchored, and one with a whole new cast), and a story for a shifter anthology.

What drives you as a writer?

Mostly an inbred passion for the craft. I have stories in my head that get nasty when I don’t let them out for some fresh air and sunshine. Of course you can indulge all your own kinks and push your own buttons when you write too, especially in erotic romance. Sometimes I write to answer questions, like, “How would a man react when faced with X life-changing situation?” It’s fascinating to me that you can start from a place of zero knowledge or experience and write your way to an answer that feels 100% valid to yourself and your readers. I suppose I also write in part for vanity—for the rush of having someone say, “I read your book, and I loved it.”

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?

I read a lot. I watch some good TV, and some really awful TV that happens to star men hot enough to justify sitting through it. (Yes, I am unashamedly shallow.) I enjoy complex board games (think Settlers of Cataan, Ticket to Ride, etc.), knit on rare occasion, and hike and camp the Appalachians.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions. The floor is yours. Please tell us where to find your work, your website, your blog, book trailer, and anything else you care to share.

Thanks for having me! Let’s see . . . my website is I also have a blog at, which I try to update at least four or five days a week. I tend to let my hair down there, and even more so on twitter (, where I’m as likely to discuss craft as I am to discuss pretty boys chained and beaten in my basement ;-) I’m also on Facebook (, and I hang quite a bit in the M/M and romance forums on Goodreads (

I’ll leave you with the blurb from my latest release, Anchored, the modern-day slavery AU I mentioned earlier.

Network news anchor Daniel Halstrom is at the top of his field, but being at the bottom of the social ladder—being a slave—makes that hard to enjoy. Especially when NewWorld Media, the company who's owned him since childhood, decides to lease him on evenings and weekends to boost their flagging profits.

Daniel's not stupid; he knows there's only one reason a man would pay so much for what little free time he has, and it's got nothing to do with his knowledge of current events. But he's never been made to serve like that before, and he fears he won't survive the experience with his sanity intact.

He finds himself in the home of Carl Whitman, a talk show host whose words fail him time and again when it comes to ordering Daniel to bed. Daniel knows what Carl wants, but it seems as if Carl isn't willing to take it, and Daniel's not willing to give it freely. His recalcitrance costs him dearly, but with patience and some hard-won understanding, love just might flourish where once there'd been only fear and pain. Can Carl become the anchor in Daniel's turbulent life, or will he end up the weight that sinks his slave for good?

Read an excerpt or purchase Anchored at Noble Romance Publishing:


Rachel Haimowitz said...

Thanks so much for having me by, Cassie! Any time I get to bitch about tailgaters is a good time by me ;-)

Rachel Haimowitz said...
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Cassie Exline said...

Tailgaters drive me crazy. Had one the other night. I thought the headlights were going to burn a hole in my scalp or ignite my hairspray. lol

Barbara said...

Hi Rachel and Cassie,

Great interview :D.

I have a pretty expansive idea in my head for another alternate world story with a huge cast of characters on an “other earth.” It may sounds strange, but it was my favourite part of the interview. I hope we'll see this idea soon :).
Besides, I also watch something from time to time only because there are hot men involved :). We need to find our pleasure somewhere (and with those men on screen, we don't need to worry about their stupid behaviour, so everyone is happy:).

Rachel Haimowitz said...

Hi Barbara! Oh my, that "other earth" story probably won't happen for at least a year. But it feels huge, you know? Full of possibilities. The sort of world I could spend the next twenty years writing books in. And that's a very exciting feeling to have about a project. First, though, I need to finish the sequels readers are waiting for.

Barbara said...

I know it won't happen soon, but even knowing it is enough, because it give us, fans, something to wait for. I hope you'll be able to create this new world, because even your excitement is catching :). I wish you lots of good luck with it. It must be a truly great feeling for an author to be able to create their own universe. And I suppose, it's more rewarding to write something new than to copy old ideas.

Cassie Exline said...

Hello Barbara, so glad you stopped by to see us. I'm with you, I'm anxious to read all about Rachel's new world creation.

Savannah Chase said...

Fantastic interview. It is always great to get that extra look at an author.

Cassie Exline said...

Savannah, thanks for dropping by and you're right. It's nice to meet other authors.