Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Practicing what I learned at camp

Sounds like I'm going to write an essay on what I did over the summer. lol In a way, I guess that's right, except it's at camp.

Once more I tweaked my blog. Want to know how? That became the topic of this post. The answer:

It's free (always top choice) and simple (also a must). Now it can be time consuming until you get the right result. Again, it's easy.

Go to the bannerfans site, don't fret if site is unavailable that happens, return later.

On the layout if you have your own photo click on custom to upload your image, the option for that will appear. Click on browse, find the image and upload.To the right of that is several options, I use stretch to fit my banner, that you can play with.
Now you won't see your image, you have to click on update my banner .... and there it is.

If you want it a certain size, click the second custom choice and enter size. When done click on update my banner, when pleased with image, move on to Texts & Fonts.

There is a choice of using 6 lines, you can use all or not. You can change fonts, style, size and color. Always click on update my banner after changes to see the result.

When done, next is Shadows and Effects. Again play with it and see what you like.

Next is Border. I rarely use that but if there are choices for that as well. When done click on update my banner.

What I love about bannerfans is I can go back to the beginning and change the image and not lose any of the text already typed. Or change text, color, size, placement, etc. until everything is as wanted.

Last is Format. Pick you choice, jpeg for me. Then click on download banner and there you go. Save it to your computer or flash drive.

Warning: If you click on I believe it's "get codes" and/or "save banner" you'll have to sign up, there's no going back. It's not a big deal to some, I just don't like signing up and giving out my info all over the web.

SO, click on download banner and you're done. If I have time, I don't close bannerfans until I upload the image to whatever I wanted it for in case it didn't work. Sometimes Blogger cuts off the right side of text, so be aware.

If you don't like the way it looks on your blog or website, then back to the drawing board and fix the issues while everything is still there.

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