Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Game's Afoot

The game's afoot.........

                                                        (left to right: Sheryl, Dot & Amber)
                                                       Illustration created by Mat Twassel

Are Sheryl Locke Holmes, Dot Watson and Amber Beaumont discussing their next case? Let's listen....

"What are we going to be searching for?" Amber asked.

"My Kindle," Sheryl said. "It has our case stories on it."

"You mean Amber's Mysterious Death?" Dot grinned at Amber when she moaned.

"Oh please don't remind me of  that horrible and frightening time." Amber shuddered. "To think if it hadn't been for Sheryl's logical deductions, the end result would have been much different."

"And there's also Ruby's Deadly Secret," Sheryl said.

Dot's hand grasped her throat. "If I ever see an attic, rafters or a rope again, it will be too soon. Now that was horrible and frightening, Amber."

"Humph!" Amber crossed her arms in front of her.

"Is Opal's Disappearance there too?" Dot asked.

"Yes, that adventure, too." Sheryl rubbed her head. "Now that was a horrible and frightening time. I was used as bait and kidnapped."

"Don't forget I was kidnapped," Dot chimed in.

"So was I," Amber said.

"Well, good came out of every case," Sheryl said. "We can't forget Dragon's Pearl."

"Ohhh ghosts! Haunted house! Haunted music box!" Amber's eyes widened.

"My honeymoon." Dot's eyes glistened.

"And I get to do a lot of kissing." Sheryl's eyes sparkled. "Brian also has nice looking legs."

"Uh huh. Better not let Jake hear you say anything about kissing Brian or his legs," Dot said.

"So you're saying all of our cases are on Kindle?" Amber said.

"That's exactly what I mean. As when we wrapped up Dragon's Pearl, I added that case story to the Kindle along with a few notes on Curse of Jade's Bluff."

"A curse? How exciting!" Dot clapped her hands.

"I'm not sure exciting is the right word. There are a lot of things that just don't add up with that case. Those notes appearing out of nowhere. Someone is following me I know it."

"Oh poo! You'll figure it out." Amber shrugged. "You always do."

"I just hope I'm alive with I do."

Stay tune, dear readers, Curse of Jade's Bluff is in the investigate stage and as soon as Sheryl, Dot and Amber solve that mystery, it'll be on its way to edits and to your Kindle. Until then, the game's a foot!

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