Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reprobate by Dorothy Bell

The ReprobateThe Reprobate by Dorothy A. Bell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story is set during western times. Made me think of Gunsmoke, except no cattle drives or saloons. This reader was lassoed and captured. We're not in Dodge City but Laura Creek.

Raised without the soothing touch of a mother, brothers Quinn and Royce are brought up rough and tough by their father. Stanley, always drunk, is consumed with money and revenge. He feels he was cheated out of his rightful inheritance.

Stanley leads his adult sons into a passel of trouble and all three are tossed in jail. Fortunately for the brothers, they are separated from their father and forced to serve their probation in their female cousin's mercantile.

The sheriff who marries their cousin, keeps an eye on Quinn and Royce, as do all of the townfolk of Laura Creek. Royce has been hardened by his father and can't wait to leave town, until he sees her -- his goddess. He doesn't notice her infirmities, just how beautiful she is.

He doesn't need a woman. Royce has closed himself off from feeling anything for another human being. He fights against his attraction. She is just as attracted to him. The couple faces a lot of adversity. but what an awesome journey.

But we must not forget Stanley. That man is hell bent for leather set on revenge and he doesn't care who dies to get what he wants. But, his sons?

Things get hot and not from all the fires Stanley is setting. Someone is sneaking around outside, but who? Royce investigates and disappears. Did he run away as some of the townfolk think? Baby brother, Quinn, steps up, but he's not as hard as Royce. What can he do?

Plenty of excitement. Hang on this is going to be wild ride. Great and exciting characters. We never know what's going to happen next. The old west lives on each page and makes this book a must read.

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