Sunday, September 8, 2013

Village of God by Frederick Hosen

Village of GodVillage of God by Frederick Hosen
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Quite an interesting book. Two different denominations of missionaries are sent to the Amazon, not for any Amazon online shopping trip, but to the rain forest to convert a tribe of natives. A tad of suspense tossed in -- can the tribe be headhunters? Cannibals?

Something else makes this such a great story and that is neither group are aware of the other until... Picture this -- both groups arrive at the same time from opposites of the camp. Can you imagine the natives? The missionaries?

Readers will get to see how each group of missionaries think and deal with the other as well as the natives and the jungle. Actually it's a priest and two nuns in one corner and a minister and his wife in the other. Wonderful characters. Loved them. Each trying to spread the word and bring in the lost souls. Done with decorum and humor.

The ending is priceless. A must read.

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