Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lycanthrope Book One by Robert Clark

Lycanthrope: Book 1Lycanthrope: Book 1 by Robert Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Don't confuse this book with a shape shifter story, this werewolf isn't looking for love but victims. The setting is a college in Pennsylvania and our potential victims, I mean, our main characters are college students.

Nothing like young minds being curious and calling out the wild, so to speak. Lycanthrope is a work of fiction but there are moments, quite a few of them actually, that it does make one pause and wonder. Let's put it this way, no more walks in the woods under the full moon for me. Oh and don't stand near windows.

The adventure starts innocently enough, when a group of close friends are discussing various things and one tosses out his spin on the existence of a werewolf. Doesn't help matters when the full moon arrives a couple weeks later and there's a vicious murder. The first dead body sends chills through all of the group. Next full moon, two more murders. The group is dwindling.

It's not long before the students and the police are trying to figure who or what has decided to kill off this particular bunch of friends. The students race against the next full moon to find ways to stay alive while the cops are trying to understand what in the world is out there. Not easy to try to convince the police force there could be a werewolf on the prowl and silver bullets could help them. This is a book for horror fans. Now for Book 2 and the finale.

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