Friday, March 6, 2015

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Sneak into Operation Interrupted....

Our villa was right in front of the beach. In the back, there was a huge dune that had a rock formation that looked like a little cave...

“The sun peeks through, it is amazing… Come in.” I said. 

It was a little crowded, but we managed. He put his arms around me and we waited for the sun.

Having him so close was petrifying. We didn’t know what to do. I wished I had lost those ten pounds already. A million stupid things went on in my mind and he just stared. I wondered what he was thinking, but I didn’t break the silence.

He leaned in and kissed me. Gently at first, but then he opened his mouth and devoured me. His strong hands caressed all of me. I didn’t want to let go just yet. I was terrified of waking up and discovering this was all a dream.

Being in the cave felt like we were the only humans in the world, and the beach was our home. He kissed my neck and sucked gently, and when he went lower and kissed my breasts, I moaned my desire. I leaned my head back giving his full access and finally let go of everything, surrendering to him completely. He picked me up and pulled my legs around him. I was against the rock—hot, humid and delicious.

I pulled his t-shirt off and felt his chest against mine, felt him growing against me. He groaned and unzipped his pants, mine too. This was it.

I felt him everywhere. Every cell in my body felt the heat. The sun pushed its way slowly into the cave as he moved inside me, slowly, primitive, perfect. I felt like screaming, crying and laughing at the same time. My body trembled and reach its highest sensation, which culminated with the warmth of his nectar.

Reluctantly, he put me down. “Are you okay?” he asked while touching my face and kissing my forehead.

I looked up at him and said, “Yes.”

“You were right. Sunrises are amazing in here,” he said softly in my ear.


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