Monday, June 27, 2016

Dragon's Pearl

The series continues with 

Book Four - Dragon's Pearl

In Dragon's Pearl, blood on the moon signifies death for some unlucky victim.  A haunted music box and a ghost keep Sheryl Holmes and her cohorts on their toes.

Pearls fell like raindrops from the sky while the dragons fought. Silvery fingers of mist cast eerie shadows upon the ocean waves as the struggle raged overhead. Three beings watched the battle, until they noticed blood on the full moon. Someone would die.


Her fingers kept a firm grasp on the pistol. No one appeared. One last look around her shop, Sheryl locked up and walked toward her car.

It was late at night and bright outside until clouds covered the full moon. Lightning flashed. Sheryl paused to gaze up at the sky. Her breath caught. A fire breathing dragon, clutching a pearl in its claws, floated overhead. “It can't be.” She blinked and relaxed when she realized it was just a dark cloud mass resembling a dragon and the pearl was the moon peeking through what looked like its claws. The heat lightning was the fire.

With a nervous giggle, Sheryl got into her car. Earlier she's seen blood on the moon and knowing it meant someone would die and spotting what she thought was an intruder in her shop―must have kick started her imagination.


Trying to prove there was no such thing as a ghost, Sheryl sets out to prove her point. In no time, Sheryl was snuggled under the covers at Bridgeside. The bed felt wonderful, the house was quiet, and soon she dreamed of dragons. The tinny sound of music woke her. Sheryl sat up and rubbed her eyes.

The music box was open and it was playing. She closed the lid, went to the doorway, and stepped into the hall. Humming reached her from downstairs. Sheryl hurried to the stairs and saw a woman wearing a flowing gray ruffly dress walk across the foyer, past the staircase, and toward the blue room. It can't be a ghost. Every ounce of logic Sheryl possess told her there was no such thing as a ghost — yet...


Sheryl whirled around. “I saw her, Jake. I saw her.”

“You saw who?”

“The ghost. Amber was right. Bridgeside is haunted.”

Jake rolled his eyes and laughed. “Sheryl, you're not thinking logically. There's no such thing as a ghost. You know better than that.”

“Yes, I do... well, I thought I did, but I saw her. A ghost. Jake, I saw her!” Her voice was shrill. Her breath came in short bursts. “I did. I did.”

Jake cupped her face and stared into her eyes. “Calm down. You didn't see a ghost. You saw a real person. Either a vagrant or more likely someone Brian hired to scare you and Amber.”

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