Thursday, June 23, 2016

Amber's Mysterious Death

Just in time for summer reading -- Sheryl Locke Holmes Mystery Series. 

Book One - Amber's Mysterious Death


Amber's Mysterious Death introduces readers to Sheryl Locke Holmes and her best friend, Dorothy "Dot" Watson. After her parents die from a car accident, Sheryl inherits the family business -- an antique shop and Dot joins her.

Dot is the tech geek with business savvy while Sheryl is old school and doesn't know the first thing about websites or cell phones and she doesn't want to know.

Their best friend from college, Amber, had recently died under mysterious circumstances. While at an antique auction, Sheryl spots Amber's husband Roger who had disappeared when the police tried to question him.

This time, Sheryl will stop at nothing until she gets some answers and avenges her friend's death. Lots of questions need answers.

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